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Our Team

DMTA stands for David Music Tang Animation. We are a team of digital animation and music producers creating high quality educational and entertainment videos. Our core team consists of David Williams and Tang Yan.

DMTA Studios, LLC is a full service animation and music production company based in the US and China. We create a plethora of custom intellectual property as our core business model. With Information Technology as one of our key competitive advantages, through the brand ecological operation and management, integration of film and television animation, games, literature and other areas of pan-entertainment industry chain, we constantly strive to be a newer and better type of publishing company. DMTA Studios' main business includes website production, book and movie script creation, animation comic production, brand distribution, brand management, website operations, game operations. DMTA Studios' objective is to create quality IP as the core, the integration of comics, picture books, animations, games, novels, movies as well as other content types to expand and to lead the development and sale of authorized derivatives.